Mensalia. The Corporate Reporter.

The recipe for success at Mensalia in the area of reporting lies in a combination of clearly presenting complex commercial contexts, employing striking images and tailored creativity.



Annual Reports

The #1 in reporting at your service.

Benefit from our 20 years of experience as an agency and well over 800 published corporate reports. We offer you the security of working with a skilled partner at your side for successful external reporting. We can support you with every service you can imagine connected with your reporting. Perhaps we will be the first to inform you about the highly specialised support tools available.
We will give you the inside line on content, facts and figures. At board level. We help you create understandable content. We provide processes and technologies which work. And help you make the transition from functional to phenomenal. Fully in line with your demands. Join forces with us and become part of a team of experts dedicated to modern corporate reporting. You too can be a #1.

Sustainability Reports

Global Reporting Initiative as a major opportunity

Do you publish an integrated report? Or a standard sustainability report? Is your reporting based on GRI? Either way, we are on hand to help. With the right expertise and even more experience. With a hands-on approach. Your goal: The integration of non-financial performance indicators. And yet you still want to provide your stakeholders with an interesting and, most of all, digestible corporate report. It is exactly for these reasons that we have analysed best-practice solutions from around the world.

Just ask us about strategic storytelling. These concepts allow you to prepare reports of a quality that you company has definitely never seen before. Join us en route to Corporate Reporting 2020 point zero.

Integrated Reports

Join us in taking a pioneering role.

The trend of converging financial and sustainability reporting is presenting companies with new challenges. The integration of corporate reporting in the direction of a modern reporting system requires commercial insight, publishing experience and innovative thinking. Mensalia is a pioneer in Austria when it comes to integrated reporting and strategic storytelling.
We can develop innovative reporting formats which allow you to go beyond existing frontiers and which are carefully tailored to your requirements and your target groups.

Strategic and Corporate Contents

A passion for reporting

Strategic Storytelling is a narrative technique of reporting your essential economic facts in a way that significantly improves the assessment of your business activity by your stakeholders. Both outside and inside of your company.
Mensalia and its partners have more than 20 years of consulting experience, benefiting owners, owner representatives and the top management
With us you can optimize the communication strategy of your company.
We make sure, that what you do, what you say and what you report to your stakeholders is congruent.
If you are interested, get in touch and we talk about the possibilities and goals of your Corporate & Strategic storytelling.
Creating shared value presumes compliance with the law and ethical standards, as well as mitigating any harm caused by the business, but goes far beyond that. The opportunity to create economic value through creating societal value will be one of the most powerful forces driving growth in the global economy. This thinking represents a new way of understanding customers, productivity, and the external influences on corporate success. It highlights the immense human needs to be met, the large new markets to serve, and the internal costs of social and community deficits — as well as the competitive advantages available from addressing them.”
            - Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer,
              Harvard Business Review, January-February 2017

Editorial work

Our team allows you to make the right impression.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
We can prepare not only all of the texts in your publications but also ensure that complex contents are presented understandably. Whether PR, financial or corporate communication, we can help you eliminate unsubstantiated superlatives, steer clear of double Dutch and avoid meaningless platitudes.


360° consulting services

Our team consists of experienced business, legal and publication specialists. They have the in-depth expertise to support you in all matters relating to your reports and publications. We not only follow national and international trends but also actively shape these.

BWe are equally at home when it comes to accounting requirements as we are with GRI or corporate governance. We understand how to influence the expectations of capital market players and how to deal professionally with sensitive news.

Concept and Design

Make your corporate world tangible

We work together with our in-house and external designers to develop design concepts for the task at hand. These concepts can range from subtle, discrete solutions to professional, high-end documentation and designer masterpieces of storytelling which captivate your readers and leave a lasting impression.

We select from our long-standing team of design partners to find the perfect match for your needs and to ensure diverse creative solutions as outputs.  

Discover more by taking a look at our many Reference projects.

Project Management

Experience, experience and yet more experience

Once the budget, concept and design have been clarified and approved, it’s time for implementation. From this point on, our project managers oversee the entire process, monitor the approved schedules and coordinate all internal and external project team members. They also handle all proofreading, translations and draft versions. This also entails taking a firm position vis-a-vis clients who want last-minute changes which we believe can seriously endanger the carefully coordinated project schedule.

The key success factor in project management is experience, experience and yet more experience. And that’s why your trust in us is in good hands. Unless you have already prepared far more than 800 reports.

Print Management

End-to-end support

On request, we will also take care of all the printing services needed to prepare your publications. If so, you will receive an offer from our own pool of printers. Give us the green light, and we will be responsible for the delivery date and product quality.

Our experts’ eagle eyes ensure that no slip ups occur in the home straight and that the quality of the printing fully meets your expectations.

Process Workshops

We find the right solutions where others fail.

After handling more than 800 publications, our team has the routine and the experience to work reliably and competently even under extreme pressure. We feel responsible for your publications throughout the project. This expertise is also an asset which we share with others in a one-day workshop.

For the leading team, we create a mutual understanding of the project steps, clear responsibilities and interfaces as the keys to commitment and engagement.

We also strongly recommend this process-based workshop to clients who select Mensalia to handle their reports. Your personal Mensalia project manager will be available as a single point of contact managing the process and coordinating all of the project steps.