Strategic Storytelling

Reporting fit for the future

Strategic storytelling is a narrative technique based on the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) framework. This framework makes it possible to tell a corporate story in a much clearer, non-contradictory and overall more credible manner. As long as the perspective remains based on the IIRC framework, strategic storytelling will make it easier for readers to evaluate your business activities.

Newly defined services and the selective involvement of international experts allow us to support companies to realign their corporate strategic storytelling.

The focus here is on the question of how long-term value added can be generated which takes into account all stakeholder interests. This relates not only to external reporting, but also to ensuring a holistic and non-contradictory approach to corporate management. Besides timely compliance with all legal requirements, strategic storytelling also generates tangible value added for companies.

Strategic Storytelling Compass

This tool helps companies decide how to implement strategic storytelling.