Editorial system

ns.publish is widely regarded as the best editorial system for external corporate reports currently available on the European market. Developed by the renowned Neidhart+Schön Media Solutions in Zurich, ns.publish has been tailor made for the stock market in Switzerland. The main focus is on the simplified production of annual, quarterly, sustainability or straight-forward financial reports as well as reports for regulatory purposes. This system is simple, yet at the same time compliant with the highest Swiss quality standards in terms of technology, data security and practical publishing requirements. It should be noted however, that this product was developed as a tool for accounting purposes from the outset. And one which is today widely appreciated by both corporate finance and also corporate communications departments. With far over 100 corporate clients, ns.publish is the market leader in Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein and, now, also in Austria. With an upward trend.
Besides corporate reports, it can also be deployed to produce high-end image folders and magazine-like publications. With top standards of production security, with simple, understandable change management features and with efficient and flexible processes.
The system is also extremely easy to use. Contrary to standard Word-based systems, for example, there are no restrictions in terms of graphic design. The system, based on InDesign, is user-friendly and takes just a couple of hours to become familiar with. ns.publish customers prepare their reporting tables on their own and then decide which figures should be automatically imported from the consolidation software. Always time-saving, resource-efficient and flexible in terms of design.
The system is also multichannel. You can prepare HTML online reports and mobile versions of your corporate reports with just a few modifications.