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Innovation and renewal is our business. For over 20 years now. Among them many legendary annual reports or the first online reports ever. The event platform “Initiative Best-Practice-Reporting Austria” (BPRA). Or state-of-the-art software solutions for digitalized reporting processes or annual stockholders’ meetings. Cyber-secure and forward-looking. Even today, customers and business partners consider us a source of creativity and a driving force for innovation. That is our mission. As a sparring partner on a par with you. With us, you can re-think everything. And just got for it. Whether it is for your public, investor, giver and digital relations or for your marketing & sales. 

Let yourself be inspired. Look forward to new perspectives. And to results that work.

Best Practice Reporting Austria

We like to look at tasks set for us from all possible perspectives. That is why we launched the “Best Practice Reporting Austria” initiative in 2012. BPRA is now an established event label for the exchange of knowledge and experience in Austria. As a loose amalgamation of companies, associations or societies, as well as teaching and research institutions, we pursue a common goal: to promote and advance the quality of corporate reporting and, more broadly, financial communication as a whole in Austria. 

Best Practice Reporting Austria

What we focus on

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  • Organization of the renowned “BPRA” event series 
  • Up-to-date topic setting and providing impulses for discourse, including “white lobbying” activities
  • Training as well as education and advanced training offers including certifications

Public Relations

We have an eagle eye on your public perception. That is why we leave nothing to chance and offer communication that is actually understood. We combine carefully researched content with modern creativity. All of this, of course, in a near-fabulously effective design. That’s how it works. As your partner, we accompany you with our expertise from conception to the finished publication. Both analog and online. 

You want fabulously effective communication for your company? We look forward to hearing from you!

Our service

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  • Communication strategy
  • Press and public relations
  • Conception and implementation of corporate publications 
  • Brand communication
  • Internal communication

Investor Relations

Our formula for success for your IR? Taking complex economic issues and presenting them in an accessible way. With a pinch of creative genius, we turn your figures into storytellers. Underscored by the unmistakable coherency of design and most importantly: accuracy without compromise. Sound simple? It is based on decades of know-how and the knowledge of what actually matters. And we want you to benefit from it. We support you in the preparation of your annual and sustainability reports as well as integrated reports. Analog and online. We are always by your side, from conception and process optimization to timely publication.

Do you want to communicate successfully at the capital market? We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Service

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  • Consulting and sparring
  • Development of investment story
  • Equity Branding
  • Investor presentations
  • IR crisis communication
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Digital Corporate Reporting
  • Process consulting and optimization

Giver Relations

The term Giver Relations is new to you? Then we are happy to offer a new perspective for your company. We connect your vision with your potential investors. Thanks to our experience, we know what it’s all about. We accompany your vision to success with individual consulting.

You want to connect profitably with financiers? We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Service

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  • Regular publication – annual reports, quarterly reports (structure, editing, implementation)
  • Preparation of material for comprehensible, precise presentation
  • Corporate presentations tailored to target groups
  • ESG/sustainability as part of corporate strategy
  • Supervision of ESG rating processes
  • Social media activities (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Appropriate web presence
  • Organisation and implementation of events (AGM, etc.) – virtual and also on-site
  • Preparation of editorial plans for communication activities on all channels
  • Cross-checks and proofreading for finished products
  • Sparring partner with external perspective

Digital Relations

Paths are made by walking. And we are convinced that there is no way around digitization. That’s why we’ve been focusing on the use of innovative software tools for years. And that’ s something you can benefit from. As your exclusive partner forns.publish – the smart editorial system that makes it child’s play to create reports of any kind – we bring your reporting into the 21st century. With Link Market Services’ digital shareholder meetings, your annual general meeting becomes a completely new experience. We also support your sales with fully automated marketing measures – think funneling. And with Textlab – the software that measures the “understandability” of your communication – we make sure that your customers actually understand your message.

Publishing system

You are on the right track: ns.publish – the best publishing system on the European market. For easy production of annual, quarterly, sustainability and financial reports as well as corporate reports of any kind. From image folders to magazine-like publications. ns.publish – a product of Multimedia Solutions AG, a subsidiary of the Neidhart+Schön Group – is the market leader for corporate reporting publishing systems in the DACH region. Already, well over 150 group companies are among its satisfied customers. The customer turnover rate to date is zero.

Do you also want to save time, money and nerves? Then simply leave us a message!


You have an annual report. We have the perfect tool for both. Let’s talk.


Your key benefits at a glance

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  • Save time: significantly reduce the time required to plan and produce your reports.
  • Increase automation: use our additional modules to streamline your workflows.
  • Minimise your workload: the collaborative environment allows parallel users to work together down to the very last change.
  • Reduce susceptibility to errors: reduce checking requirements to a minimum with maximum traceability.
  • Publish on multiple channels: use a single source to publish your reports in print and online.

How it works

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The intelligent solution for the optimized realization of financial publications – print, online, mobile.

With in-house developed modules, ns.publish transcends the possibilities of regular editorial systems. The creation of annual reports becomes efficient, comprehensible, secure and multichannel-capable.

Checklist for the choice of publishing systems

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The key factors for selecting the right publishing system: when evaluating your publishing system, ask the right questions and demonstrate your specialist knowledge. We have put together a list of key questions for you and structured them according to the core graphic in ns.publish.

① Publishing system

  • Does your provider possess an in-depth knowledge of financial and corporate reports?
  • Can your provider demonstrate that it has a high number of customer systems in use?
  • Does your provider possess expert or integrator knowledge in the field of publishing systems and/or does it rely on third-party support?
  • Is your provider independent? Is it required to obtain certain services from affiliated companies?
  • Does it use a tried and tested approach for launching publishing systems (process analysis, implementation, training)?
  • Does your provider have its own modules that offer added value through elimination of manual processes?
  • Has your provider formed technical and development partnerships that contribute to the expansion of functions in the publishing system?

Finance interface 

  • Can your financial figures be transferred automatically into the layout for all languages without any manual intervention?
  • Can you change (rows, columns), move or create new tables without the provider’s support?
  • Can you link figures to text and carry out automatic updates?
  • Does your finance interface come with an audit trail that logs all changes in a transparent report?
  • Does your financial interface include a dictionary to manage and automatically update the technical terms and translations?

③ XBRL (mandatory for all companies listed in the EU from 2020)

  • Can the content created in the publishing system (for a printable PDF) be processed simultaneously as tagged ESEF (iXBRL)?
  • Does your system support you to output the entire annual report including the management report as XHTML (in addition to XBRL) as required by ESMA regulations?
  • Are the contents and texts of the various channels fed from the same database (single-source-of-truth approach) or are manual copy&paste transfers required?
  • Does your system allow repeated transfers of your data?
  • Does your system support other channels besides XBRL, such as a high-quality PDF or a designed, interactive online report?

④ Online report 

  • Can the content created in the publishing system (print-ready PDF) be edited simultaneously as an online report in HTML?
  • Can content in the online report have a different structure to content in the print-ready PDF?
  • Does the automatic text transfer function still work?
  • Can the contents of the online report be updated at the push of a button?
  • Is it easy to implement interactive key figure comparisons?
  • Can you incorporate multimedia content such as videos and animations?
  • Can you export table contents to Excel for analysis purposes without any manual work?
  • Can you add content from social media whenever you want?
  • Does the publishing system allow responsive design for smartphones and tablets?

⑤ Efficient workflows

  • Does the publishing system allow the layout to be edited in a flexible process (e. g. by an agency) even during the production stage or does it use fixed templates?
  • Do you have access to an easy-to-use text editor with text-based and dynamic layout previews?
  • Are changes documented and are they transparent?
  • Can PDFs or Word versions of the entire publication be exported and archived as milestones at any time?
  • Can milestones be compared and the differences automatically specified?
  • Can PDF and/or Word documents be exported at chapter and/or overall publication level at any time and archived as milestones?

⑥ Translation management

  • Do you have access to a consistent translation process?
  • Is an automated process available without copy/paste?
  • Is the use of translation memory systems guaranteed?
  • How do you deal with follow-up translations?

⑦ IT expertise and IT security 

  • For data security and data protection, is the IT architecture geared towards hosting listed companies?
  • Are operation, support, maintenance and improvements to the publishing system guaranteed?
  • Are release planning and a planned maintenance window available for the tools?

Network of partners

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With a network of certified partners in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, mms solutions combines the best publishing system with a high standard of work in its innovative business model. Your demanding publication projects achieve the best results with ns.publish if all parties understand the system and the associated processes and take them into account in the design phase.

For this reason, mms solutions has been working with certified partners for a number of years. As the system house, mms solutions focuses on consultancy, integration, operations and enhancements to its publishing systems; its certified partners are responsible for looking after the technical side of production, including first-level support for projects. Certified agencies have the content-based and design skills needed to ensure the success of your projects.

Your advantage: ns.publish certified partners and agencies work with ns.publish without requiring additional licenses.

Certified partner

A certified partner meets the following criteria:

  • Expertise in the pre-press stage of complex publications
  • High quality standards
  • Experience in the production of financial and corporate reports
  • IT skills

Services provided by ns.publish certified partners:

  • Project management
  • Installation and production
  • First-level support

Certified Agency

A certified agency meets the following criteria:

  • Proven experience in the production of complex publishing projects
  • Production of at least one report using ns.publish

Services provided by ns.publish certified agencies

  • Content and creation
  • Project coordination
  • Production consulting

Thanks to our many years of experience and the joint expertise of our network, we can offer you the best possible service. And thus ensure that we bundle the highest competencies for the handling of your projects. Convince yourself.

Digital Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
Link Market Services

Is your shareholders’ meeting organization already future-proof? Corona crisis or not, the future of annual general meetings is digital. Experience your shareholders’ meeting in a new way, thanks to innovative technology and competent support from the world market leader. Using state-of-the-art technology, the team around the expert Bernard Orlik will support you with its expertise, experience and all-round competence. And accompanies you from the organization to the legally compliant execution of your shareholders’ meeting. Tailored to your individual needs. With Link Market Services‘ annual shareholder meeting portal, you can easily expand the group of participants at your meeting by including people in front of the screen. Or you can opt for complete geographical flexibility. With manageable costs and high security.

More than 200 customers and 250 events per year speak for themselves. Be convinced yourself.

No matter if you are a listed company, an SME or an association: Do you want to make your meeting fit for the future? Then send us a message or give us a call!

Cross-border participation. Easy registration. State-of-the-art e-voting & vote counting. Comprehensible resolutions. Reduced blind actionism. And more youth at the buffet.

This is how a digital annual general meeting works. We’ll show you how.

An advantage in every respect

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  • Personal consulting
  • Legally compliant implementation
  • Cybersecure streaming
  • Simple registration process 
  • Up-to-date voting options
  • Easy-to-understand shareholder meeting portal

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You want to learn about the contemporary organization of general meetings? You will find crucial know-how, the latest legal news and useful tips on, the expert blog for digital shareholder meetings. By and for professionals.