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Thinking a different way.

Let's be honest: When was the last time you tried to leave a point of view. Simply to see a different perspective? At least for a short time. Same topic, completely different setting. You will be surprised. You almost can't avoid breaking new ground. That's how innovation works. Thinking laterally. Pushing the boundaries. That's what we've been doing successfully for decades: Thinking a different way.

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In more than 20 years of working in investor relations for the capital market, a few things have become clear to us time and again: don’t follow the crowd, buck the trend and keep acting counter-cyclically – these are the factors of success that sort the wheat from the chaff. We have internalized this. And that’s why we like to offer our customers solutions that are different from the ones everyone is chasing at present. Differently thought. And that makes our success as a team. Just give it a try.

We support you in your professional corporate and capital market communications. Our offer does not only include classic agency services. We also advise you on issues of favorable corporate financing. Our focus is on the dynamically changing regulatory framework based on ESG criteria that are becoming more important every day. Our services range from data collection, processing and reporting, communication with funding bodies, investors or financing partners to fundraising or own investments. Everything for your sustainable profit and an improved impact rating. 

As a diverse, interdisciplinary team, we have a trained eye for perspectives and we understand the necessary steps to effect change. We offer tangible support in questions of business and financial communication, and as innovators for your contemporary, ESG-guided financing. In addition, we provide access to a considerable network. 

You have your clear vision. We accompany you in its efficient implementation.

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Innovation and renewal is our business. For over 20 years now. Among them many legendary annual reports or the first online reports ever. The event platform “Initiative Best-Practice-Reporting Austria” (BPRA). Or state-of-the-art software solutions for digitalized reporting processes or annual stockholders’ meetings. Cyber-secure and forward-looking. Even today, customers and business partners consider us a source of creativity and a driving force for innovation. That is our mission. As a sparring partner on a par with you. With us, you can re-think everything. And just got for it. Whether it is for your public, investor, giver and digital relations or for your marketing & sales. 

Let yourself be inspired. Look forward to new perspectives. And to results that work.



The capital markets are in upheaval. More and more and ever greater crises in our hitherto purely growth-oriented economic system are making a consistent change of course unavoidable. The restructuring of the world financial system is currently in full swing based on ESG criteria, the abbreviation standing for “Environmental, Social, Governance”. Led by the world’s largest investors and asset managers, such as Blackrock or Vanguard, nothing less than the most comprehensive and fastest economic restructuring in human history is imminent. With effects on everything and everyone. 

From now on, those who do good will be financed. For the climate and thus for the inhabitants of our planet. And demonstrably on the basis of verifiable data and facts – the ESG criteria. In concrete terms, this means that the worse my impact rating is in the future, the more expensive and difficult my financing will be. Even to the point of being unfinanceable. This spells the end for industries that cannot be restructured. The phase-out of coal, oil and other fossil fuels in favor of renewable energies is just one example. Against this background, we need a different way of thinking. And with it the development of creative, new ideas for corporate finance. That is what we offer you. Welcome to Mensalia Advanced Corporate Finance.  


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Signs of an incipient climate catastrophe can be seen in many places. Not only in the form of melting glaciers. Or thawing permafrost. Extreme weather events affect us very directly. In extreme cases, they can make entire regions of the world uninhabitable. Instability, unrest and even wars, as well as hunger and migration are the consequences. Oceans full of plastic waste will no longer feed us. The ongoing destruction of rainforests and other valuable natural habitats is destroying biodiversity in favor of monocultures. This in turn favors the outbreak of new diseases and pandemics. As a result, more and more new crises are bringing our economic system, built solely on growth, to its knees. A restructuring with inevitable warping and slipping. Ultimately, it is about a complete reorientation of world finance along ESG criteria.