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In more than 20 years of working in investor relations for the capital market, a few things have become clear to us time and again: don’t follow the crowd, buck the trend and keep acting counter-cyclically – these are the factors of success that sort the wheat from the chaff. We have internalized this. And that’s why we like to offer our customers solutions that are different from the ones everyone is chasing at present. Differently thought. And that makes our success as a team. Just give it a try.

We support you in your professional corporate and capital market communications. Our offer does not only include classic agency services. We also advise you on issues of favorable corporate financing. Our focus is on the dynamically changing regulatory framework based on ESG criteria that are becoming more important every day. Our services range from data collection, processing and reporting, communication with funding bodies, investors or financing partners to fundraising or own investments. Everything for your sustainable profit and an improved impact rating. 

As a diverse, interdisciplinary team, we have a trained eye for perspectives and we understand the necessary steps to effect change. We offer tangible support in questions of business and financial communication, and as innovators for your contemporary, ESG-guided financing. In addition, we provide access to a considerable network. 

You have your clear vision. We accompany you in its efficient implementation.

Meet the Experts

Sometimes, all it takes is a new and completely different perspective for a good path to success. At Mensalia, we are an interdisciplinary and diverse team of experts and lateral thinkers. Plus two senior partners with over 20 years of experience. Plus a network of top experts from all areas of business. Together we open up new perspectives and ideas. Sustainability becomes the key to future success in matters of favorable corporate financing.

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